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Shou Sugi Ban® Installation Advice

Charred timber products are to be treated as a specialist product. Although we have supplied countless companies in the past we must make you, the buyer, aware that by simply purchasing charred timber products we do not guarantee that the product may be the right choice for your project nor do we endorse your use or installation of them.

The process of preparing Charred timber products is usually done for each individual project after samples have been approved. You may request any size or shape you require for your project, thickness is usually at a minimum of 19mm for Cedar and thicker for other timbers.

If we supply a finished product it is not advisable to “re-engineer” or “alter” the material by re burning or applying any further chemical treatment. It may be necessary to trim the short board ends and this shouldn’t pose any issue, the board ends can then be sealed or painted as required prior to the installation. Ripping the board along the length should be avoided and boards to the correct width should be ordered from us as required.

If you have a special dimension to fit a specific project, this should be requested in the first instance and drawings presented to define what is required and your products can then be manufactured. This will assist in the cleanest work and maximise the efficiency of your installation.

If you have traditionally charred products which are untreated (chemically) boards sent to you, there will undoubtedly be a large amount of loose carbon on the board surface. This is fragile and should be handled with extreme care. The boards may show knocks and what looks like damage – all untreated products will have this and is part of the nature of them.

Boards that may have been treated, brushed and treated or similar will still have to be treated with care as they are a finished product.

If you are uncertain what to expect, do call and we shall do our best to help you understand the product and how best to use them.

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