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How Does Climate Change Affect Shou Sugi Ban® Cladding?

We don’t need to tell you that this has been a very wet year so far. With just a few exceptions, the weather can only be described as extremely unsettled. Unfortunately, this isn’t a one-off. The climate is changing and this will impact many aspects of our lives. In this article, we focus on how to protect Shou Sugi Ban® timber cladding from changes to the weather.

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How to Get the Best From Your Timber Cladding

Correct installation prevents damage, ensures a beautiful finish and keeps your timber looking fantastic for longer. So, what do you need to consider if you plan to use Shou Sugi Ban® timber cladding on your self build or renovation project?

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Enter the Wood Awards

Are you an architect or building developer who has used Shou Sugi Ban® charred timbers for a recent project? If so, you might be interested in entering your new build or renovation into the 2024 Wood Awards. This British competition showcases excellence in timber architecture.

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The Benefits of Property Renovation

Rebuild or renovate – is retrofitting old buildings an effective way to reduce carbon emissions in the built environment?

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Shou Sugi Ban® in the Spotlight

As the end of the year approaches, we are delighted to report another successful year at Exterior Solutions Ltd. Our team have pulled out all the stops to keep Shou Sugi Ban® in the spotlight, so we all deserve a relaxing festive break.

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Time for Timber in the Built Environment

Architectural designs for this year’s iconic public buildings and everyday living are already drawn up. So, what can we expect to see dominating the built environment in 2024?

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Commitment to Our Community

Exterior Solutions Ltd is a family-run business, with a commitment to our community. We may be supplying specialist timbers to build projects across the UK and beyond, yet we still think local.

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Increase Dimensions with Home Extensions

In the UK property market we’re seeing house prices falling and mortgage rates rising. As a result, the debate about whether it’s better to move or improve has resurfaced. If you’ve outgrown your property, should you get it on the market and upsize or increase dimensions with home extensions?

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Will Changing Rights Boost Barn Conversions?

Disused agricultural buildings scatter our rural landscape. With changes to farming practices, these buildings no longer serve their intended purpose. They could be repurposed, yet permission for barn conversions has been restrictive. Could a review of Permitted Development Rights transform the landscape and boost demand for barn conversion?

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Expositions & Architectural Innovations

For over a century, World Expositions have showcased the latest advances. The next will be held in Osaka, Japan, in 2025 and work has already begun on the timber construction.

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Dark Timber Fencing for Modern Gardens

Summer has arrived and these warm, light evenings provide the opportunity for us to make the most of our outdoor spaces. This gets us thinking about ways to enhance and modernise our gardens.

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Timber Clad RIBA Award Winner

An article we published in March introduced a stunning building which is inspired by Japanese architecture. Blackbird is a sleek, low rise and sustainable lakeside property…

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Creative Use of Shou Sugi Ban®

Last year, Shou Sugi Ban® was specified for the transformation of an old, cold garage into a modern, light garden office.

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Inspired by Japanese Architecture

Sustainability and connections with nature are driving innovative and exciting architecture across the UK. However, these concepts are central to traditional Japanese architecture.

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Charred Timber Goes Zig Zag

Exterior Solutions Ltd supplies our market-leading Shou Sugi Ban® charred timber to projects across the UK and abroad. It’s been a busy first quarter, with a high level of enquiries from returning and new architects.

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British Timber

This article explores the importance of productive planting to secure and enhance the British timber trade.

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What are the Best Timber Finishes for Exterior Cladding?

This article continues the theme by exploring the pros and cons of different timber finishes. We’ve also included some exterior cladding inspiration!

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A Year in the Life of a Timber Cladding Supplier

Once again, we have encountered challenges and rewards that I couldn’t have predicted at the start of 2022.

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Sustainable Construction for 2023

Fast fashion, single-use plastic and harsh chemical; we know these things aren’t great for our planet.

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Shou Sugi Ban® Featured on Grand Designs

Did you catch Grand Designs on Wednesday 22 September? We are delighted to share that Sayang House, a Malaysian inspired architectural design featured our Shou Sugi Ban® charred timbers.

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Shou Sugi Ban® Used in Vehicle Restoration

The beautiful restoration of a 1960’s Ford Ranchero is one example. How would tinted charred timbers add the finishing touches to this classic American pickup truck?

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Exterior Timber Cladding: What are the Options?

With energy bills accelerating and carbon reduction targets needing to be achieved, the thermal efficiency of buildings is a hot topic. Is exterior cladding a way to heighten thermal performance?

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A Celebration of Charred Timber Projects

Exterior Solutions supplies our Shou Sugi Ban® range of charred timber cladding to projects across the UK and beyond. Inspired by the traditional techniques of wood preservation in Japan, our charring processes creates a desirable timber range.

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RIBA Award-winning Properties with Charred Timber Cladding

Our Shou Sugi Ban® charred timber cladding has been specified by many architects for unique development projects. These include private new builds, property retrofits and heritage renovations, all of which demand a quality finish.

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Shou Sugi Ban® Charred Timber

Shou Sugi Ban® is the construction material of choice for many architectural designs including several RIBA Award-winning properties and public buildings including Eton College’s Sports Pavilion, and Nottingham Castle.

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How to Incorporate Charred Timbers into your Property

Textured matt black finish or a brushed charred timber with a deep grain, clients and architects love Shou Sugi Ban®. In this article, we explore ways of adding the traditional art of yakisugi (charring timbers) to your property.

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5 Benefits of Charred Timber Cladding

For the past century, brick and concrete construction have been the primary building materials. Before this, wooden beams and timber cladding were far more commonplace across Europe and Asia.

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Using Charred Timbers in Biophilic Design

So many of us have enjoyed more time in the garden, local parks and natural countryside in 2020. With few other options, the great outdoors has provided an escape from the confines of all living under one roof.

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Charred Wood; Damaged or More Resilient?

As the manufacturer and supplier of specialist charred timbers, we receive sample requests for a diverse range of projects. One of the surprising enquiries came not from an architect, builder or interior designer, but a poet.

If you would like to request a sample of Shou Sugi Ban® charred timber to inspire your project, please contact Exterior Solutions on 01494 711800.

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Karafurutaiga wood cladding – Residential project in Guernsey

This is Karafurutaiga (Larch Coloured) used on a residential project in Guernsey.

Credits and Further Information

Project Karafurutaiga (Larch Coloured)
Location Guernsey
Cladding Hijo Ni Mirikiteki Na

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The client said,

“Kebony enhanced grain grey (Hijo Ni Mirikiteki Na) was the perfect timber cladding for our large home extension project. Rather than a strong contrast, we were looking for a finish that would blend with both the original property and the new exterior paving. I would certainly recommend Exterior Solutions as a timber cladding supplier. They answered our questions, provided samples and helped us to make the right choice. We are delighted with the quality of the timber cladding, the level of service and the end result.” – Harmeet Assi

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The Sunday Times features Shou Sugi Ban®

Neil Dusheiko’s Black Ridge House was featured in The Sunday Times’ article entitled ‘Inspiring extension designs that won’t blow the budget‘.

We’ve written about this project, which was completed using Charred Kebony cladding which shows a high level of durability.

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The Complete Guide to Cladding by Mark Brinkley

A comprehensive guide to cladding on, featuring a Shou Sugi Ban® project.

“The charred timber finish Shou Sugi Ban® is used to finish the western red cedar rain screen on this Chris Dyson Architects project in East London.”

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Daily Telegraph Burn, baby, burn

The Daily Telegraph featured Shou Sugi Ban® in its property supplement on 29th September 2018.

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Grand Designs Magazine August Issue

First look at a RIBA Award-Winning House

Featuring Shou Sugi Ban®

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The winners of the RIBA South Awards 2016 have been announced

WINNER!! House 19

Featuring Shou Sugi Ban®

See the Award Winners here.

House & Garden Trends 2015

Shou Sugi Ban® featured on the front cover of the Spring Summer 2015 Trends Supplement

This stunning supplement reveals the latest design trends, alongside industry insight.

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Chris Dyson Architects adds two Shou Sugi Ban® covered extentions to a London terraced house …

The refurbishment to the Kenworthy Road home in Hackney was designed to maximise the restricted space and increase natural daylight into the rear of the property.

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Black Beauty, spotted by Kevin McCloud and featured in the April edition of the Grand Designs Magazine

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TV Architect Oliver Heath ‘Into the Woods and Faraway’

‘Into the Woods and Faraway’ seeks to soothe the visitor within a hotel room designed to improve health and well being by strengthening their connection with nature. This space uses a combination of direct and indirect natural references, both material and technological, to tap into the Biophilic touchstones within us all.

Shou Sugi Ban® worked closely with the design team to select and provide the incredible scorched larch wooden cladding used on this wonderful project.

Designed and completed by Oliver Heath, Kirsty Parker, Elly Deakin and Elevation Design

Read more about this amazing project.

Claridge Architects insert timber-clad house behind north London mansion block …

London studio Claridge Architects designed the wooden house, named Oak Hill, for the grounds of a Victorian mansion block in north London.

The residence takes the place of a grassy mound that once sloped against the rear of the block.

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